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We Keep Divorce And Family Law Matters Uncomplicated

Family disputes can be complex, emotional and draining. When you need outside assistance to resolve a domestic issue, you can count on the compassionate attorneys at the Law Offices of Perry W. Phillips, PLLC, to be there for you.

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Finalizing Amicable Divorces In Mississippi

A major part of our family law practice involves finalizing uncontested divorces, also known as irreconcilable differences (ID) divorces. If you and your spouse have agreed to get a divorce and are able to come to agreement on the majority of the terms, we can help you through the uncontested divorce process.

Handling Many Common Family Law Issues

Although divorce is the most common family law issue we encounter, the field includes other topics that concern families and children. We handle a range of issues that are considered family law, including:

  • Name changes: Whether you have gotten a divorce and wish to revert to your previous name, have gotten married, have finalized an adoption, or you have any other reason for wanting a name change, we can help.
  • Child guardianship: When a child’s parents die without a will or a child is born to parents who are both still under the age of 21, it is necessary to establish a legal adult guardian.

Our priority is to assist you in finding solutions to protect your loved ones, your interests and your assets. We understand that each family has unique needs. We will guide you through the process while we advocate for your best interests.

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