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Protecting The Interests Of Banks And Mortgage Lenders

The Mississippi real estate law firm of Law Offices of Perry W. Phillips, PLLC, regularly represents banks and other lenders in the mortgage foreclosure process. We analyze each account to determine whether a loan workout or short sale would be in the lender’s best interests before we advise proceeding with mortgage foreclosure.

Our law firm has served Mississippi since 1992. You can count on us to get the job done effectively based on our long experience with the local courts. If you anticipate a loan default, early action is best. Learn about our mortgage foreclosure services and discuss your legal matter with our skilled legal advocates.

Local Knowledge, Local Experience

Success in legal action over real property can depend on extensive knowledge of state law and local market conditions. We believe that lenders pursuing mortgage foreclosures in the Hattiesburg area need to have the option of hiring locally. There are obvious benefits associated with having local counsel.

We have the experience to handle foreclosures throughout Lamar and Forrest County on behalf of lenders, banks and mortgage companies. If you have decided to foreclose on Mississippi property, we can be your advocates. We also have the capacity to handle evictions following residential foreclosures whenever necessary.

Pursuing A Cost-Effective Path To Your Outcome

From big banks to small banks and independent mortgage companies, any company that brings a mortgage foreclosure action is doing so because it has exhausted all other options and needs recourse against a borrower who has defaulted. We strive to make this process as cost-effective as possible.

If you have decided to foreclose on a housing loan, contact the Law Offices of Perry W. Phillips, PLLC, to discuss how our experienced Mississippi real estate lawyers can help you. Contact us online or call 601-620-4715.