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Attorneys Who Understand How Probate Affects Real Estate In Mississippi

Ownership of houses and other real estate is often one of the most disputed aspects of distributing the assets of a deceased family member. At the law firm of Perry W. Phillips, PLLC, we help clients move efficiently through the probate process — to minimize family conflicts and to maximize the value of bequests.

Since 1992, the legal team at Perry W. Phillips, PLLC, has provided legal services in the areas of probate and real estate law throughout the Hattiesburg and Purvis areas. If you have questions about real estate and the probate process in Mississippi, contact our office to schedule a consultation. Our attorneys also write wills and estate plans to help you make advance plans for distribution of your property after death.

Who Will Inherit the House?

The answer to the question of who inherits a house depends on whether the homeowner left a will or died without a will. In a will, the homeowner can direct how he or she wants the property to be handled after death. If a person dies without a will, however, then Mississippi intestacy laws will dictate who inherits the house. In most cases, the property will go to the deceased person’s spouse and/or children. In other cases, the property will go to the parents and siblings.

Regardless of whether or not a will exists, the real estate must go through the formal probate process before title can legally pass to the heirs. The probate process includes balancing the accounts, resolving any unpaid taxes or liens, and filing heirship affidavits.

Inheriting Real Estate in Mississippi

Any time that real property is the subject of a bequest, a probate proceeding must be opened in Mississippi — regardless of where the owner passed away and where the heir lives. The real estate and probate Law Offices of Perry W. Phillips, PLLC, is frequently asked to handle the probate process to clear title to real estate on behalf of out-of-state clients who have inherited property in Mississippi.

To find out how our law firm can help you resolve issues relating to real estate and probate, contact us to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Call us at 601-620-4715 or contact us online.